AQUATEST a.s. Slovakia, organizational unit

was founded on the 25th of July 2006 as a fiscal operation of a foreign entity AQUATEST a. s., which is  headquartered in the Czech Republic.


Our company is based on the long-term tradition and experience of geologists, designers and technologists who created working procedures and technologies in Czechoslovakia within the joint venture company Stavebná geológia (in English: Structural Geology), which includes a group specializing in hydrogeology, laboratory work, remediation of contaminated land and research associated with these fields since the revolution in 1989.


The main objective of the Slovak branch is to provide comprehensive services in the areas associated with environmental protection in Slovakia.


To achieve this we have created a team consisting of experienced geologists and designers working at Slovak universities, researchers from SAV and the “capacity” of the SR, which are complemented by recent graduates from Slovak schools. The aim of this team is to join the experience and knowledge of the Slovak geological environment with the energy and enthusiasm of recent graduates in order to utilize the experience, techniques and technologies that have been acquired, developed and validated during the history of AQUATEST a. s.

We can offer cooperation in environmental protection in the following:

  • science and research
  • expert consultation,
  • engineering,
  • occupational health and safety,
  • design work,
  • technical training,
  • implementation of projects,
  • construction, reconstruction.

The company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

In its activities, the company uses a programme of highly qualified and experienced employees, the tradition of our professional workplaces and all the necessary material and technical provisions.

The company is a recipient of EU grant programmes.



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